Power and Communication can now be delivered across a single standard network. Light Fixtures, now known as an “Intelligent LED Hubs”, will produce controllable Light across the white spectrum and dimmable from 0 to 100. Ambient light sensors can also enable daylight harvesting and adjust the LED lighting to maintain constant lighting when sunlight is absent. Each intelligent LED hub can collect valuable information on lighting, Energy usage, temperature, humidity, and anonymous room-occupancy data which it then communicates back to a controller.

Litenet Series


Litenet Series is a Low Voltage Lighting Collection that allows the user to feel comfortable and improve productivity. From flat panels and linear fixtures, to downlights and exit signs, Litenet has an extensive catalog of high quality, aesthetically appealing fixtures.

Inspextor Components


The INSPEXTOR™ system can chart kW consumption, energy savings and ambient temperature. The INSPEXTOR™ generates time line function which delivers users the event schedules at a glance.
Sensors indicates direction of traffic.
Easily adapt new lighting policies with the push of a button. Revolutionary low voltage, emergency back-up recharging system.

Lighting & Component Catalog