About Us

LVT Power Solutions is the leading provider of PoE Lighting solutions for the commercial, residential and hospitality industries. LVT provides their clients with the first end-to-end PoE solution, integrating all of the benefits PoE provides to the consumer. LVT is a manufacturers’ representative for MHT Lighting, a subsidiary of North American Manufacturing Enterprise (NAME Energy Group). It is through this partnership that LVT Power Solutions is able to provide innovative PoE lighting solutions for large-scale projects.
The company’s founders have extensive background in the construction industry, which enables us to work directly with architects, engineers, developers, and installers to provide the very best energy-efficient lighting and power management system. Our products are of superior quality that exceed the clients’ expectations, while maintaining NAFTA, ARRA, UL, ETL, FIDE, and NOM compliance. With locations in the United States, Ireland, and England, LVT Power Solutions has the capability to service clients across the globe.